Homemade BBQ sauce, salad dressings, and spice blends- OH MY!


Gift Certificates

The absolute best gift in the world! Here’s something that everyone loves! Our gift certificates are available in any dollar amount and they never expire! Give the gift of a “Night Out” today!

Sam & Jeff’s ‘Sweet’ Montana BBQ Sauce

You can’t go wrong with this one! This is the same BBQ Sauce we’ve been using for over 55 years! Anytime is BBQ time when you break out a bottle of Sam & Jeff’s ‘Sweet’ Montana BBQ Sauce!

Sam & Jeff’s ‘Sweet’ Montana BBQ Sauce is available in roughly 20 locations around Montana, but it’s always available right here! Don’t start your next BBQ without it!

16 oz. bottles…Need it by the quart or gallon? Just ask!

(wanted poster, bottle pictures, etc…)

We’ve been selling our Homemade, Original-recipe Salad Dressings for years and years, but some people haven’t realized it yet.

Enjoy Eugene’s Salad Dressing for any occasion! We offer our “Amazing” Ranch Dressing, our “Perfect” Blue Cheese Dressing and our “Out-of-this-World” 1000 Island Dressing. We also have Catalina, Italian and Caesar Dressings available!

Ranch, Blue Cheese, 1000 Island, Catalina, Italian and Caesar

All our Salad Dressings are available in sturdy, wide-mouth plastic containers in 16 oz. Pint and 32 oz. Quart containers. Do you have a favorite dressing container? Bring it in and we’ll fill it for you!

Keep all salad dressings refrigerated for weeks and weeks of goodness!

Pint: $5.25

Gallon: $ $28

Eugene’s Spices, Blends and Rubs

When people started requesting to buy all our spices, sauces and other goodies, we decided it was time to making the fantastic taste of Eugene’s available to everyone.

Pint: $4

Quart: $8

Gallon: $30