Sam & Jeff Knodel 

Sam & Jeff Knodel 

At Eugene’s, we’ve been making pizzas, friends and memories for over 55 years.

There's no doubt that Pizza is a "Fun Food". The thought of Pizza conjures up thoughts of good friends, good times and always an evening to remember. It's a "celebration food"…a "happy food"!

Our pizza has many unique and outstanding qualities...but the fantastic flavor and the “thin and crispy” crust are just two of our pizzas many great qualities. We care and cater to the people who want a "fantastic meal" at a "fair price".

One thing is for sure...they'll always be proud to tell their friends and family about the great food and great service at Eugene's Pizza...and they'll return time-and-time again for the same great experience!

 Mary-Sue & Arlie Knodel 

Mary-Sue & Arlie Knodel 


Eugene's pizza was started by a man named Eugene E. Barger in 1962 (Eugene passed away on January 17, 1999)

In October of 1967, our Dad and Mom, Arlie and Mary Sue Knodel, purchased Eugene's pizza from Mr. Barger after only 2 days of consideration. When Arlie and MarySue were ready for their first day in the new business, they had $40.00 to his name to fill the cash register…. A bit spooky to say the least.

Since the name was already established in the area for about 5 years, Arlie and Mary Sue elected to keep the same name.  They very successfully ran Eugene's pizza from 1967 until 1992.

In 1992, Arlie and Mary Sue sold Eugene's pizza to their son's Jeff and Sam Knodel. Jeff and Sam have continued to operate Eugene's Pizza with the same high level of commitment that Arlie and Mary Sue established throughout their tenure.

Eugene's has been in the same location since 1962…That's over 55 years of amazing Food and Fantastic Customer Service…just how it's supposed to be!